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Thomas & Yuvin

Huang Cheng Banquet, Muar

This is one of the most memorable wedding we've done. The hall compels us to live up to its impressive size. We know little-to-none vendors in this area, so we brought all our team from KL. We then transformed the entire space into a secret garden. Split into two sections, the foyer was decorated with garden racks and shovels, a large size handmade photo prop vehicle something like the Flintstones', plentiful flowers and a dessert bar to feed the sweet tooth.


In the banquet, the aisle is decorated by street lamps and benches. We love how it all turned out, and adding the natural floral scent to the scene. The backdrop on the other hand have also stole the show with it's giant paper flowers. The wedding was a success, and the local people of Muar was non-the-less so warm and welcoming. 

Wedding Planner: Sincerité Wedding & Events

Photographer: EVE Studio

Cinematographer: Neptune View Studio
Make up artist: Nini Wong

Decorator: Creativelines
Dessert Table: Twelve Plus One

Entertainer: Bobby Tan and Team

Emcee: William Lee

Invitation Card: Paperose

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