We thank all your appreciation & kind words towards Sincerité.
These are the reason why we keep doing what we do. 


"Thanks Rachael's team giving me very memorable wedding. We have started our first conversation way back one year ago while I still had not any idea in my mind and she came out a very nice logo and idea for us. With their effort during the actual day it was perfect and I couldn't spell out any flaw throughout the whole day event. I love the decoration, especially photobooth, wedding reception walkway deco, hand bouquet and the bridal car. I would like to take this great opportunity to thank all the 13 crews that made my wedding a perfect and memorable one ! You guys are awesome ! I never felt regret to engage Sincerité Wedding and Events to be my planner. I hope you guys enjoy our wedding."

- Jenny Low


"Rachael has always sticked to her schedule and bugging me to reply emails on confirmations. I am the worst procrastinator in the world! Thank god for wedding planner or no wedding would have been carried out. I always reply emails at wee hours where I would spam her mailbox and whatsapp with questions and replies past midnight. Rachael has never once complains and she is one of the fastest person to reply messages. I love working with people who acts fast. *thumbs up*

This whole wedding planning was such a breeze and non-stressful one which made both my husband and I a very happy couple. I have always heard of couples quarreled during the whole wedding planning process. Non of it happened to us. All I had to worry was to ensure I had sufficient rest and to look my best on the actual day. If it wasn't for Rachael and her team, the day wouldn't have gone by so smoothly. Even our guests complimented on how well the whole night went. Every single cent was well spent.

Thank you Rachael and team for making our wedding a beautiful and memorable one. For that, we are forever grateful.

- Jamie Chong


"3 years back, Rachael was my previous wedding and she coordinated my wedding perfectly. My husband and I didn't need to sweat much on the planning as she did most of the works. Most people will bid goodbye after the business is over but not in our case. Since then, Racheal has become our friend. 3 years later, we went back to her when my husband and I were planning for my son's first birthday party. As usual, she was very welcoming and attentive to our needs. Throughout the whole process, ie from planning to the execution, Racheal has been very helpful. She was quick in replying our doubts and will try her very best to attend to our questions. We were stress-free as we know that her choice of vendors are up to the standards. Indeed, the works done by her teams were superb. We didn't know the final outcomes till we arrived on the day we celebrated my son's birthday. When we first stepped into the cafe, we were astonished with the works done. Jaw-dropping I would say! Brilliant work and thumb up!"

- Gillian Leong


"This is something that I would like to do so much to repay you for your greatness in your job as my wedding planner (writing a testimonial). One day before my wedding, I was so idle that I went shopping and chill while Racheal@Sincerite did all the planning at front and backend. I was glad I had a wedding planner, and we had 100% positive comments for the event well done that night. It was simply awesome and memorable night to my husband and I. I still feel it was just yesterday! Thanks Racheal and the team! All is worth to have a wedding planner to fulfil your wedding dream."

- Janice Yap


Rachael and her team are absolutely fabulous. My husband and I live in Australia and did not know how important hiring a wedding coordinator is. Rachael was the only wedding coordinator who replied to my message promptly. It was love at first chat. She can work with just about anyone at any situation. She is honest, helpful, quick on her feet, responsible, takes initiative, and most importantly, she LISTENS and does whatever is needed ASAP. So many of my friends and relatives said how amazingly well the wedding turned out and how amazing Rachael and her teammates are. The money was definitely well spent. I am an extremely demanding person, having organised multiple events myself, and let me tell you, she DELIVERS. Trust me, she is beyond capable in waving her magic wand, so that your wedding day is indeed the best day ever! Thank you Rachael and team!

- Melody


"Hi Rachael, thanks for everything you and your team have done for our wedding dinner. Many of our guests are amazed and said that the planning is good. You did a good job! *thumbs up*. We also want to praise Hilda for her good decor! We like it so much, especially the photo booth."

- Annes


"Dear Rachael and team, we are writing this letter to express our gratitude to you and your team for our wonderful wedding. We now have wonderful memories of the happiest day of our life and were able to enjoy the day without all the stresses and worries that usually surround such an event. From the start of our planning for this occasion, both my husband and I made a promise to ourselves that we were going to enjoy it without any stress. 


With my husband ever-changing work schedule and my tight schedule every single week, we could not find time to plan for our dream wedding. Therefore, we came to an agreement to hire a wedding planner. We got to know my wedding planner (Rachael) from an event posted as we surfed the internet about a year back. When we met her for the first time, we told ourselves that we had totally nailed it. She gave us an impression that we can totally rely and trust her. Indeed it is true. The investment in hiring this excellent wedding planner is very well worth. Working with her was effortless. I remembered one event where I whatsapp-ed her asking whether my husband and I need to do any homework before we meet up and she replied no. She had everything settled. We were so pampered by her and took things for granted (we were eating while she was busy explaining to us - :)) 


Professional, organized, creative, and "friendly" (in a very special way). Every detail was thought through, and the details were perfectly planned and executed. Rachael and her team handled everything which allowed us to have a wonderful stress-free day. Besides that, I would like to thanks Nana (another wedding coordinator) for being such a lovely girl. She followed me around and helped me with my gowns. Not only that, she wrote down the song lyrics for my husband in a small paper as my husband scared that he might sing the wrong verse. 


Finally, thanks again to all the planning with your advice and suggestions, keeping us on track and taking care of all the details on that night. With that, we were able to have a wonderful stress-free time. 


"We love you and your team!" 

- Kelvin & Gillian