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Shirley's 40th Birthday Bash

Ciao Ristorante

This is the second time we plan a birthday party for Shirley Chin. This time, we celebrate being a strong woman and have great appreciation towards life in general with the theme "Things to do now that you're 40".

We spend most of our lifetime at work to make ends meet. With the theme illustration - a beautiful woman sitting on a stack of briefcase with a luxury bag on the side signifies that a woman can be strong and successful in her forties, and the globe reminds us that travelling teaches us a lot about living and appreciation towards loved ones.


The cozy night of Italian dinner accompanied with wine took place in a restaurant in KL. Shirley had the theme notebook and artisan dreamcatcher as gifts for her friends. We've never seen anyone like Shirley. She's still the same as how she was 2 years ago - someone who understands the true meaning of celebrating living, enjoying the company of loved ones, and just being a really great friend.

Event Planner: Sincerité Wedding & Events

Photographer: iSimplez Photography

Decorator: Dayco Inspiration
Stationary: Dayco Inspiration

Invitation Card: Dayco Inspiration
Photo Booth: iSimplez Photography

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