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Do I really need to hire a wedding planner?

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Many brides have come to realise that hiring a wedding planner is something to consider in today’s day and age. Whether or not to involve in the year-long planning or just the coordination of the wedding day, or whether you have a full list of entertainment planned out for the night or just a simple celebration with no more than 200 guests. There will be things to manage and coordinate here and there and having the right person to run the show is vital. The values you’re getting from an all-rounder professional to handle your wedding is substantial. She helps you save a lot of time and money, ultimately making your life less stressful.

Wedding is supposed to be the most thrilling experience filled with happy moments in one’s life, but handling a wedding isn’t. Imagine if you are in a perpetual stressed state chasing datelines, yikes!

What exactly does a wedding planner’s role entice? One thing’s for sure that it is not as simple as showing your Pinterest board to the decorator and assume the decorator knows what to do. Planning goes a long way to getting things right.

Dedicated Personal Assistant If you are planning your own wedding, you need to set aside time to handle wedding related matters, but a wedding planner is dedicated to do just that for you. There're tonnes of back-and-forth communication required, coordination work, checking, calling, follow-up, meetings, and on-going stress to keep the plan on track. She’s there to do all of that on behalf of you, ensuring the nitty-gritty is done while you are getting on with your day-to-day without stressing so much about your wedding.

Well-Organized Manager The planning process is tedious, including long hours of researching and reading contracts. If you ever come across wedding check lists on the internet, you know how long the to-do-list is. Your wedding planner will get everything sorted beforehand and she’ll know when to do what and come to you for your approval when time is due.

Event Designer

The wedding is not just about designing the aesthetic, but also the programme. We've come across some bride's "ideal" programme which will not be feasible in actual. Good thing a planner can redesign a commendable programme that make sense and get with the flow.

Being Cost-efficient

A dream wedding can cost a lot of money. Your wedding planner will be there to look over your shoulders. A good wedding planner is cost-efficient, not overspending on the unnecessary , and not underspending that it seemed meagre. She will plan accordingly base on the given budget.

She Knows What is Coming

Since this would be the first and only time you ever hold a wedding, you wouldn’t know what to expect or what is the right question to ask, but a wedding planner knows what to look for in an offer, they know their way around contracts, can even foresee potential issues and plan a head for what is to come.

Your Trusted Advisor When you hit roadblock you would go to your married friend for advice, your friend gladly offers her two cents of advice, but her suggestion might not be suited for your situation. A wedding planner on the other hand has seen many different scenarios, she could give you a more holistic advice to tackle the issue.

Your Mediator

It will be either awkward or a complete disaster when two parties cannot come to a common decision, whether is husband and wife or the bride and groom’s family. The wedding planner plays an important role as a mediator to find a balancing point to bring two parties closer to an agreement.

When to know if you really need a wedding planner?

  • When you don't have enough time

  • When you are not confident with your choices

  • When you want to impress your guests

  • When you rather to leave the important job to a person who knows better

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, you must have your fullest trust to her - she is your confidant, your advisor, your shoulder to cry on. You may hire the best wedding planner in the country but if you find the lack of chemistry between the three of you, you should consider looking for another, because when the connection is not right, nothing will be right. Trust her professionalism, trust that her suggestions are in your best interest, and trust that her passion will be the result of an extraordinary day for you.

Every couple’s dream is to be able to celebrate their milestone in a style that they can call it their own, personalised enough yet not break the bank. Alas, dream wedding does come with a price, and hiring a wedding planner though is adding up to your expenses, but hiring one might be the best decision you’ll ever make because they are there to take care of everything for you so that you can enjoy the most important day of your life to the fullest with ease and love.

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