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Kun & Anness

Galaxy Hall HGH

The night was filled with a million of stars at Kun and Agnes's Starry Night Wedding. We put together many details, one of them was a sweets & desserts bar for the guest, set the mood with dim tea lights and glass decoration, ready for guests into a dreamy romantic celebration. But nothing as sweet as Kun when serenades to Agnes on the stage while effortlessly picked up a flower from a flying drone to surprise to his wife.

Wedding Planner: Sincerité Wedding & Events

Photographer: EVE Studio

Cinematographer: Neptune View Studio
Make up artist: Sanyu Chen

Decorator: Dayco Inspirations
Dessert Table: Dayco Inspirations

Live Band: Sora Live Band

Emcee: Zhen Ru
Stationary: Sincerité Wedding & Events

Invitation Card: Sincerité Wedding & Events

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