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9-Day Wedding Challenge

As an experienced wedding planner, Rachael is familiar with the difficulties and details of planning a couple's dream wedding. However, she didn’t imagine having to plan a wedding in just 9 days ………….


‘After assisting Jeffrey with his proposal with only 4 days to prepare (as well as a super short lead time), I was honoured to be appointed by them that evening to plan their wedding and baby gender reveal party. Their wedding was in a month, which was the first time I'd ever encountered such a short lead time, and it sent a shiver down my spine! Finally, why only 9 days? It was difficult to ask Stella and Jeffrey to do the preparations because they were out of the country for three weeks for wedding photo shoot and marriage registration after they proposed. As a result, all decisions had to be made when they returned to Malaysia.


Time was always been our greatest challenge. Typically, the planning process takes months to allow for careful selection, thoughtful decision-making and meticulous execution. However, we only had 9 days to complete it, so every moment was precious and every decision had to be made thoughtfully and quickly.


Time constraints forced us to think creatively and make quick adjustments. From securing the venue to coordinating vendors, every aspect of the wedding needed to be organised and efficient. I accepted the challenge and improved my ability to think more carefully and logically in the limited time I had.


With a limited timeframe, the couple required a laser-like focus on what was truly important. This meant narrowing down the guest list to their closest circle, and the couple decided to prioritise love over fussy details, which allowed us to focus on what really mattered, prioritising the elements of the celebration that would be most meaningful and interactive for everyone. Quality over quantity, love over extravagance.


It took exceptional teamwork to pull off a wedding in nine days. All vendors understood the urgency and importance of their roles. Communication, coordination and cooperation were the pillars upon which we collaborated to ensure that every detail was meticulously handled. I sincerely appreciated their cooperation and understanding, even though some vendors had only 2 to 3 days to prepare.


Stella and Jeffrey chose Sentul Pavilion as their wedding venue, which is not as well-equipped with manpower as a hotel. We had to prepare and handle all of the minor details ourselves, including the cleaners, garbage disposal and so on. We also appreciated their patience and help.


When the wedding day arrived, we got to see the fruits of our labour and love in their purest form. The wedding reception was delightful, with the venue's purple floral arrangements, the couple's heartfelt speeches, the exquisite food, the live band and the excitement of the interactive sessions all blending together perfectly to keep everyone cheerful.

Wedding Planner: Sincerité Wedding & Events

Photographer & Cinematography: Khee Tay

Make up artist: Zi Ern

Tea Ceremony Decoration: Grabmybooth

Reception Decoration: Spring Cottage

Emcee: Jeff Chin

Liveband: Kenny Low

Guest Favors/Prize: Pointer Jeweller

Wedding Cake: D’Sabroso Cakes

Bar Tender: Brotenders

Photobooth: Tagbooth

Perfume Booth: Miyaki Perfumelab

Food: Grand Imperial

Venue: Sentul Pavilion

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